Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Super Secret November Challenge Blog Post #2

The Last Minute Cell Phone Post

I am off to a less than stellar start. I was getting ready to finally lie down in my bed with my copy of Contact, and read to the soothing tones of Beavis and Butthead,   when it hit me. 

"Oh shit. I forgot."

I did. I totally forgot to blog. So here I am with 19 minutes to spare and desperately searching for a topic to blog about, and quick. 

Oh the shame, I am going to resort to wedding news. So, get ready to giggle, ladies. Or eye roll, mademoiselles. But here it is, the big news. 

After several months of searching, I have finally found our photographer. The hunt was something of a nightmare. For one, wedding photographers, like all wedding vendors, are crazy expensive. It was a not so gentle reminder of the inherit classism in the wedding industry. Never forget, girls, unless you are rich, you are not worthy of your own celebration of one of society's most cherished and special traditions. The joining of two souls is only a big deal if the two souls are quite the little earners (or come from quite the little earners).

Of course, this is far more bitter than I intend it to sound. It's just... I ran into a personal problem while trying to determine the fiscal worth of fellow artists. Here comes the business side of art again, making it tricky to define expectations!

7 minutes. 

But I simply didn't have to resources to fairly price the work of local photographers, whether they were clearly overcharging couples or not. But I want to pay artists fairly for their work. It's what I expect for myself as an artist. Working artists deserve to have their profession treated, well, like a profession!  

But I also didn't want to be taken in by a mommy-tographer with limited skill, and a Christmas gift camera, and a large price. Although no offense to mommy-photographers. There are many talented ones out there.

Three minutes. 

But photographer that we were hooked up with via recommendation last week is just great, and a great fit for us, at a great price. I have a sneaking suspicion that we are getting a pretty good deal here, and if we had contacted her another year from now, she would certainly be out of our price range. And I wouldn't begrudge her that.

However. It is not so bad to, every now and then, make your art accessible to those who normally would not be able to share in it. Art is supposed to be for everyone, after all. It's a fine line, kids. Genuine art vs real work. Can one ever exist without the other? I mean, for professionals? 

Regardless. We got a bit of a break, and in corporate wedding land, all bets are off. It's every couple for themselves. So... Wedding high fives all around, I guess?

No, we can high five for true.

Ps. Apologies. Rushed posts equals horrific spelling/grammar, and sentence structure. Thanks Obama!

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