Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's the most anxious time of the year

Ah balls.

Hello, holidays! What's that? You want to tap into my saving account to buy food and presents while I woefully ignore my back pain and month long chest cold? Why, sure!

Oh, you also want me to hunch over my computer screen glaring up at like an old crone looking up at a sexy prince? You got it!

And you want my head to turn into a mound of explosive jello while trying to juggle dates, money, arrange meetings with family and friends, all in the name of a peaceful carpenter who probably wouldn't tolerate this panic attack inducing madness for one second were he here today?

No problem, Holidays.

However I do appreciate you making it all up to me by bringing my friends into town and for making it totally cool to make yourself sick with sugar and alcohol, and for giving me Muppet Christmas Carol, shiny lights, holiday film fests at the Alabama*, and Christmas hayride sing-a-longs. Plus, there was a warm, fuzzy kind of attitude at the Whole Foods last week- perhaps because they had just set out the pine trees, or because there were samples galore, or just because people were looking forward to Thanksgiving; but it wasn't the day before or after, where you become a violent Christmas caroling maniac, knocking people over to get jellied cranberry sauce and a Snoopy football phone for a piece of straw and a hay penny.

I think this holiday season is even more stressful because people are clutching onto their pennies (and, ironically, their iPhone 4's, iPad 2's,  and
iEverythingFrivolousYetSomehowJustifiedByAppleGeeks). I love giving gifts, but somehow being an underemployed actress in the south has yet to make me super rich enough to buy everyone an antique sailboat and a spanking new Wii. Someday?

Ah well. Be of good cheer, y'all. We're gonna make it.

It's also the season where I make my friends cry by using too much tinsel. True story.

*I do believe Mike and I are going to have a hand in helping the Alabama Theatre decorate their window for Christmas. On a whim we sent them some ideas of things they could do this year for their display, and instead of telling us where to get off, they said they loved the ideas! Pictures to follow!


J.Ashley said...

I love you post the holiday can be sooo stressful

Jessica said...

Thanks! I'm fairly certain holiday stress was a huge factor in creating egg nog.

Matchbook Files said...
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JMSF said...

Hey Clark, I posted the erased one from my notes blog. Anyway, it said that I am impressed at you and Mike taking the Alabama window by storm. When will you have pictures? I look forward to seeing y'all soon. XOXOX, Jm