Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm not dying, I just can't think of anything good to do

Excuse me.  

ducks head under table and coughs with purpose 

Ok, better. After a week and a half of the sinus infection/cold/flu hybrid monster baby from hell, I am finally expelling the last little bits of diseased phlegm and winding down this never ending cough. Misery. Absolute misery.  Not only that, but I have done some kind of serious... something to my back- I'm not sure what.  But my entire back yelps in pain every time I bend/cough/pee/attach a horse harness to it*... and now I am feeling the dread and helplessness that a young woman without health insurance feels.

However, I have an entire week off from tour, in which I hope to fully recover and blog up a storm. That is, if I am not baking up a storm for the impending holiday.

I am actually not making a ton of food, just my old two standbys- squash casserole and the best damn apple pie ever.  God help me if I ever have to make a main course, but I am a fan of making side dishes and dips and deserts. Oh, and crock pot meals. That $10 crock pot is possibly the smartest investment I have made in my young adulthood. No foolin'.

I would like to start cooking at home again more. I have divided so much of my time between being sick, being in rehearsal, being on the road, etc, that I haven't been able to stand in my kitchen for more than five minutes at a time. And when I do have the time, all I want to do is cradle a bottle of Rex Goliath to my bosom and curl up in a ball on my couch. But, you know,  I used to cook every day. Really! Well, I use the term "cook" lightly. I made box meals and pasta and soups and a few lazy meat dishes (roasts, stroganoff, hamburgers). My diabetic cat probably eats better than I do. But the point is, I was spending time making what was going in my gut.

Speaking of guts, I am sitting here sipping kombucha that I bought from the Western. I know many people are making their own, but I wanted to see how it tasted first before I devoted a month to making petri dish tea. It is like slightly yeasty ginger ale, which sounds perhaps less than appetizing, but it is not that bad. I was a little put off by the strands of culture floating in the drink, but as the bottle assures me, " They are natural, normal and only occur in raw kombucha.". Normal. Natural. Live strings of bacteria. This is supposed to be great for your gut- so I am sitting here awaiting the tummy miracle.  If nothing amazing happens, I am having a cupcake.

Oh fuck it, I'll have one right now.

*Not part of some kinky sexual practice, but it is for part of my show. Which is incredibly kinky appropriate for children.

Yes, this post was extra pointless, but I needed to warm up my typing fingers if I wanted to create blog gold later on in the week. Apologies.

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Frau Schmidt said...

Will you email me the apple pie recipe? It is really really good. I don't get Thanksgiving until the second week of December :(