Saturday, November 12, 2011

And then he said, "I kinda like being directionless" (pretentious post ed.)

I spent the morning/afternoon playing music catch up and hanging curtains in an un-traditional manner.  (Why must all curtain rods be hung with screws? It is a rather bold assumption that everyone owns a screw gun, which is the only way to get those little shits up. In short, screw screws.) 

In the past, I've confessed to being a music junkie, and I'm sharing my favorite finds of the morning. I've also been accused of being a music snob... Well, that's just because no one gets me. Man, I am so, like, deep and unique.

I have sometimes wondered if I do come across as too pretentious. I can't imagine that I do, given my penchant for fart jokes (farting preacher, anyone?) and utter disdain for pretension and arrogance in general. However, if I have ever made anyone feel like I was belittling them or their tastes- I apologize. Unless you had really crappy taste and in that case, you should truly be thankful for my help. I mean, really. (jokes, everyone!) But, for true-  if ever I wax a little too full of myself and my interests, then I will kindly remind everyone that I spent a good  chunk of college listening to nothing but classic and corporate rock pf the 70's and 80's and 90's rap and soft soft, gooey chewy cheesy rock with complete sincerity while seeing how long I could balance cans of Spaghettios on my tummy and watching mst3k. Who knew how to rock a Friday night? This girl!

However, spending hours upon hours in a tour van has taught me a thing or too about controlling my "Ughh, lame!" reaction when other people plug in their iPods/Phones and start belting out to, I dunno, Lady Gaga, or some country band whose name I can't remember, or some wah wah male singer beloved by sorority and youth group girls alike... That's when I have to remind myself to not get a little too big for my musical britches. But it is hard to not want to find a way to gently explain why I believe a certain song or artist is over produced, over played and under talented- because  if I did, then that would just sound like I should be wandering through an Urban Outfitters, purchasing house goods and thinking, "Wow, this wall mounted beer opener shaped like a drunk owl is one of a kind- even though there are 30 more on display, right next to the shelf of monogrammed flasks with ironic and asshole-ish sayings".  This is when I use that trick of saying to myself

"Jess Because, remember when your favorite song was What About Love by Heart?"

and that usually keeps me on the right track. Plus, it is still an awesome song and then I just want to stick on my headphones and amaze people with my Ann and Nancy Wilson impressions.

Hey, how about we get this music party started? I welcome you readers to come up with a fall themed title for this selection of songs, if you choose to download it.

Austra - Lose It 

The Dø
- Slippery Slope

Tokyo Police Club - Party In The USA

Mister Heavenly - Pineapple Girl

Nikki & The Dove - The Fox

Stevie Jackson - Man of God

My Brightest Diamond - Reaching Through To The Other Side

Bjork - Cosmogony

Here is a band that I have been a youtube fan of for years. They've gone through a few members, but truthfully I haven't followed them closely enough to know the back story to all of this. Thankfully, though, they are still making awesome videos.

This little lady  has popped up with her great music and her pouty face that makes all the boys silently curse buying such tight jeans. But for real, the music is top notch.

What is some of your favorite new music? Please share!

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