Long "About"

My name is Jessica. JessBecause was my father's nickname for me years ago. No one calls me that now (at least not that I know of). I've gone through a mess of nicknames, none of which I've been particularly fond of. When it came to the blog, it was a tie between JessBecause and the not-so-relevant Clarkbar. JessBecause may have won out as my favorite nickname simply because I have never had a Clark bar.  But I have them in my sight. If only I could find one in town!

I am an actress, which is a polite way of saying I am largely unemployed and taking brief gigs left and right that are completely unrelated to my field of interest. Patience is a virtue, so they say. I would probably like to take whoever said it out with one punch. But I find comfort in knowing that there is always something that I'm shooting for and that at some point a girl has got to "get it right" or at the very least, sass her way to the top. 

I am fond of art, music, comedy, film and theatre. Oh and cupcakes, long before everyone started tattooing them on their person - although apparently pie is the cool kid in town now, which I am fine with. I respect all forms of desert. I fart around in all these topics, as well as dipping into my personal store of daily pratfalls and occasional self realization... which leads to more pratfalls.

 Short "About"
 I talk about pop culture and myself sometimes. And other stuff too, I guess.

Why? JessBecause