Monday, May 24, 2010

Facebook- the unintentional black hole of society

What am I to do with you, Facebook? You are possibly the most complicated relationship I've ever had, I swear. How much time have we wasted staring into that white and blue screen (abyss), having a false sense of security that we're truly keeping up with our friends, and of course, over-analyzing their every move (post)? I mean, we've even courted each other via facebook, all of us! Yeesh, right? I've spent quite some time blaming facebook itself for my admittedly childish behavior, but I believe I should take some responsibility here. I'm gonna say it. It is not your fault, Facebook. It's not your fault. (Yes, in my head facebook is Matt Damon and I am Robin Williams. Wicked smahhht.) We, I, just have no clue how to handle technology without reverting to a state of arrested development. Every time I sit down and log into some form of social networking, I become 13 years old again. And, as far as I can tell, so do the rest of you! Please, understand, no offense is intended, I'm sure you're all very responsible adults, but something about networking brings out our inner teenagers. I mean, I'm spending good time basically journaling online! It might be more honest for me to start each post with
Dear Diary,
Gordy looked at me twice during Earth Science. Ramona told me that she heard from Jared who heard from Aaron who heard from Sally that he totally likes me. I mean, LIKE likes me.
But you know, its okay. If anything, all this internet magic nurtures our secret neurotic and paranoid selves. But once you've checked your facebook 3 times in one day, just to see updates from someone you haven't seen in ten years or whoever you're facebook stalking at the moment, I think we might as well admit that we're not as grown up as we all want to think (or want others to think) we are.
Ahem. And to now make good use of my bloggidy (g)ournal, please come out to see Secrets of a Soccer Mom at Virginia Samford. It opens this week! I wear shorts! And we eat cookies! And there's laughter! And tears! And ladies! Super cute ladies, while we're at it.

ps. Were you at all curious at to what I'm listening to this week? No? Well....

pps. And original musical theatre? Yes, please.
Later, tater. See y'all in 6th period.


Matilde Majerik said...

clark i blame you for my facebook decadence. for if you would post more delightful musings in your blog i would have no need to seek fulfillment through social networking. i love you girl. and i wonder if maybe we could start a secret blog for dirty, dirty gossip 16yrold like. jfo

Monica Cespedes said...

I just can say that Facebook and I broke up in December and it's just going OK. At first, I used my sister's account to stalk, hmm, I mean keep up.

But now it's better. We don't see eye to eye anymore. I'm more mature now. That's why I chose to start stalking, I mean, blogging to other people (who I don't know).

It might be better after all to discover those who uncover without really knowing them at all.

Fox said...

You only check out FB 3 times a day? It's practically my homepage on my work computer. Just kidding, Google!

Songs of the Summer:
"Heaven's on Fire" by The Radio Dept.
"Dilly" by Band of Horses
"Lemonworld" by The National

I want to see the emo Andrew Jackson show when me and Nikki visit you in NYC!!

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Jessica said...

fox- i love your summer music list. i also want you and nikki and i to drink obscene amounts of alcohol and watch original musicals in black box theatres in the big city. that must happen.

joven said...

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Annah said...

You sound like my friend Britt with your whole Facebook dilemma. Oh my. Liked this post.

Anonymous said...

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