Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So I saw Harry Potter last night, but we'll get to that in a second... A few things that I want to ramble about.
Today I had the pleasure of overhearing the following conversation between two gentlemen in the lift (oh, okay - elevator).
Older Man: What did you bring for lunch today?
Younger Man: Cottage cheese and cheez-its (I'm assuming this is how its spelled...)
Older Man: Huh. Who do you live with? Do you have a roommate?
Younger Man: I live with my girlfriend.
Older Man: Doesn't she cook?
Younger Man: Naw, she's a horrible cook.
Older Man: Oh, you just gotta break her in. When she makes something, tell her its really good.
Younger Man: Hmm.
Older Man: Compliment her. Then she'll be inclined to keep cooking. Give her some recipes to practice.

At this point, I am literally grinding my teeth and trying to avoid turning and chucking my wallet at this guy's head. Break her in? Really? REALLY?? At first I hoped it was a joke, a lousy attempt at humor by an old schmuck with too much money, but by the time I stepped off the elevator, I halfway expected one of them to smack me on the ass, declaring "Hey, sweet cheeks! Think you can round us boys up some drinks? Don't act like you don't like it!"
I'm not sure, but there has to be a better way of doing laundry that doesn't include me walking down a dark alley into the small laundry room with no light, smacking the side of my flashlight so it won't go out. That is a recipe for A. rape B. zombies C. Jessica falling over an angry cat.

Okay, Harry Potter. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it. Let's say I enjoyed it overall. I will be seeing it again. But I'm up in the air with my feelings. Maybe its because I'm finally a woman (yea! a woman!), but I wasn't as emotionally torn up as I was when I read books 5,6, 7 and when I saw films 4 and 5. It has a great style, a great look that suits the tone and feel of the later books, and it, well... There's a review in the Chicago Tribune that best explains how I feel, and it is probably the most well thought out of all the reviews.
And here it is!

Did I mention I came across the coolest name today? Mantooth. You heard me. Mantooth. Actual name. Well, last name really. But I made mental note to try to come up with awesome characters named Mantooth.
Rawlett Mantooth.
Montana Mantooth.
Ulysses Mantooth.
Rudiger Mantooth.


Frau Schmidt said...

Wait...what does this line mean - "or, in the case of at least one character, waylaid until the next Potter film"? Did I miss something that was missing?

That review overall is good - pretty much how I feel. I think the film had a really nice rhythm to it - not as frenzied as Order of the Phoenix.

joyful girl said...

i haven't seen it yet bc most of my friends think i'm a super dork & won't go with me. :( i need my lydia & my cupcake mantooth!

Adam said...

Aloysius Mantooth
Barnaby Mantooth
Clyde Mantooth
Dreyfuss Mantooth
Eleanor Mantooth
F. Scott Mantooth
Glynis Mantooth
Hopalong Mantooth
Ichabod Mantooth
Juanita Mantooth

Frau Schmidt said...

Joyful Girl, that is shameful. Who are these people you call 'friends'?

Adam said...

Kipling Mantooth
Linus Mantooth
Milhouse Mantooth
Neneh Mantooth
Orvil Mantooth
Potsy Mantooth
Quigley Mantooth
Rhett Mantooth
Silus Mantooth
Tallulah Mantooth

Jessica said...

holy moly fox. those are some STELLAR names. are those what you named your love children? and by love children, i mean the ants in your ant farm.

Jessica said...

ps- as brilliant as the rest are, i love milhouse mantooth the best.

Adam said...

Ulysses Mantooth
Vivian Mantooth
Woodrow Mantooth
Xanthus Mantooth
Yahoo Mantooth
Zsa Zsa Mantooth

Adam said...

I just realized you already used "Ulysses". I'll change mine to the following:

Upton Mantooth

Also, I like "Potsy", but I kinda wished I'da gone with:

Phineas Mantooth