Friday, June 18, 2010

Cranberry/Blackberry Flavored Vice

About a month ago, I started removing soda from my diet.... as evidenced by this photo taken of me this past weekend.

Yeah, it looks bad. But hear me out- that delicious bottle of Coke is mostly full and was tossed in the garbage a few small sips later. Besides being incredibly wasteful, it is also a little sad. I used to down soda like wine (yes, wine, or beer, if that's your bag); but now I'm lucky if I can get through a mini bottle of soda.
Side note: Let me clarify something here. When I say soda, I mean specifically Coke, or Cherry Coke and an occasional root beer or cream soda- ginger ale for sick days. Anything other than that is for terrorists, rednecks and dummies.
But something horrible has happened. My desire for that most American of drinks has dwindled into an almost oblivion. And I mourn the loss. I really do.
Instead, it has been replace by something far worse.
V8. Fusion. Drink.
AND talk about tasty...oh baby. I am rotating 3- 4 bottles of this fruity mess through my fridge every week! I've even looked into some of their fruit drink dinner recipes!
via V8's website
Now, I know juice is good for a growing young lady who is in denial about her true age, like myself. But surely that much fruit drink will send me into a diabetic coma eventually, yes??
I suppose the good thing here is that I am proving that I really know how to commit. On the other hand, it just goes to show that my cravings and urges get the best of me and tend to overrule my better judgment. I mean, as far as delicious drinks are concerned, there is no stopping me until that "thirst" is quenched.
Self Control seems to be what is lacking here. Perhaps it is in all areas of my life, but who wants to delve that deep? At the same time, I believe there is no harm in letting ones fancies run a little wild, but jeez louise- have you any idea how hard it is to balance that out with respectable living? And there is nothing respectable in guzzling down sugary drinks nonstop like a seven year old discovering how to get cracked out on Hi-C (red drink) and pixie sticks. And let's not mention the other areas of my life that are a little less than ladylike.
But while I'm all hyped up on the fruit drink, I intend to use it to my advantage. More high energy activities (dance parties! yard parties! road trips! croquette!) and then passing out in a wading pool at the end of each day. This is how I foresee I shall be spending my summer- gluttonous and bouncing off the fucking walls, until I am thrown back into grown up land/reality come August.
Does anyone have a wading pool, by the by?

And, of course:

This week's tunes.

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Adam said...

Good call with The Grates - I hadn't heard of them. It's like there's a party in my ears and everybody is invited to seek it out and listen to it also!

If you start to get the shakes from all that V8, fruit punch-flavored Crystal Lite is about as close as mankind has gotten to drinking Kool-Aid with no sugar, calories, or mild hallucinations. And the more water you add, the more it tastes like bad tea! (Oh, there's also a few bad tea flavors on shelves, too.)