Thursday, November 5, 2015

Super Secret November Challenge Blog Post #3

Readers Reading

Did you know that Donald Trump has a new book out? Whilst on my daily stroll through good old NPR, I saw his blessed little potato face pulling it's best "I know how to do words on paper, dummy" look. Without any knowledge of this, I'm sure, literary masterpiece, I made the decision to feel better about my writing. Even if the rest of my posts look like this:

SOHFLJALJFLGLKJJS Im gettin married, y'all aboaljtoiwn lkjsdlkj
Fart fart fart 
Fart fart DEWFArt
Purple? fnoajbnaapgnalkd curse word and goodnight

I still am fairly confident that the odds of my blog being more coherent than 193 pages of self aggrandizing blanket statements are pretty good. 

But hey, I'm not reading the thing, and I could be totally wrong. The dude may be the Hemingway of "I'm good and you're stupid". If any of you feel like taking one for the team and picking up a copy, I will buy you a strawberry phosphate the next time I see you. If you determine it is a worthwhile read, I will buy you a lobster dinner. (I still won't read it.) 

Actual photo from the book release. It looks like Mr Trump is holding a purple
can of  cheese whiz, the ultimate companion to his book. 

When it comes to choosing a novel to hook into, I am pretty equal opportunity. When it comes to determining if a book is any good, I base that upon how often I return to it. Frankly, I have a habit of re-reading the shit out of books I like. This mystifies my boyfriend my fiance* and then confuses me with his confusion. It's a huge mystical circle of confusion.  

"How many times have you read that?"
"Once every few years."
"I don't get how you can read the same book over and over."
"I enjoy it. It's relaxing."
"No it isn't."
"Don't you contradict me! Don't you ever contradict me! Now go make my dinner!!"
(Sometimes I insert Lifetime  dialogue into actual exchanges. But it's so subtle, you'd never guess which part is fake.) 

Clearly this isn't the general consensus... is it? Is reading work, albeit enjoyable work, or is it a relaxing exercise for your brain? That is how I have always seen it. But Mike was adamant; one doesn't read to unwind, one reads to put their brain on a fun assignment. I can't say I fully disagree with him - there are several books that have put the old noggin on overdrive, which can either be very exciting, or sheer torture. But my "old home" books, the ones I have read so often that they've become dog eared and taped together, those are like literary Ativan. 

Maybe I am reading them all wrong? Am I supposed to be all keyed up every time I crack open even the pulpiest of pulp? I have always felt that being intellectually or emotionally stimulated was more soothing than just flat out trying to turn my brain off to unwind. My mind wanders to unhealthy areas once I push the mute button on it. I become acutely aware of a life not being lived, a brain that is losing precious time given to discover the world around it. 

I'm sure reading can be a bit of a chore for some folks through no fault of their own. And there are some folks who simply do not dig the process. But if it is something you enjoy, then shouldn't the simple fact that you are getting to do something you like loosen you up? 

I mean, this isn't going to end the engagement, but it definitely is something we are never going to agree on. 

How do you read books? 

* You guys, I have a month to get used to the change in relationship status before it changes yet again. Get ready for years of being introduced to "Mike, my b-fianc-husband".

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