Monday, September 10, 2012

LOVE: Morton Salt Umbrella Girl

In 1998, Morton Salt celebrated their 150th year.

Two hours ago as I was refilling my lovebird salt shaker, I celebrated my love of the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl.

She's gone through a lot of changes over the years. My favorite Morton girl is the most current. She's cute, in that mod/innocent style that adorned little girls in the sixties and currently adorn the 20 to 30-something crowd of "quirky" ladies everywhere. (Part of me loves the fashion; the other part is longing to buy those ladies an office outfit from their local Ross "Dress For Less" and demand that they wear it at least once a week...) For a brief moment, I was struck with the idea of possibly dressing as my salty sweetheart for Halloween. However, it seems I am waaaaaay late to that party. Girls of all ages have already latched onto that idea and made it cuter and cooler looking than I could even imagine.

Not only is she a popular Halloween costume, she's appeared on a few arms, on billboards, on etsy as some pretty adorable jewelry and art , and also in other craft and vintage finds.

She's even been the subject of some popular bands (neat) and pornography (errrghhh).

The little Salt Girl has been an inspiring piece of American advertising for almost a century and is by far my favorite. She's blazed a trail across the years, leaving behind a legacy of salted dinners, deiced sidewalks and melted slugs in her wake. She's the most bad ass girl of American advertisement.

Take that, Mrs. Butterworth.

(Oh my god, I take it back. We've had so many good times, Mrs Butterworth, and I love you just as much. Let's never fight again.)


Carolinagirlz2 said...

Thanks so much, Jessbecause - I thought I was the only one who loved the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl! Right now I do have one vintage cross stitch pattern of this glamore girl offered on ETSY at

Jessica said...

Oh! I'm so glad you saw this! I hope that it is okay that I linked to your page in my post. I was so tickled to find salt girls on etsy!