Sunday, November 15, 2015

Super Secret November Challenge Blog Post #12

Southern Women At Large

This weekend, I ate my body weight in early Thanksgiving dinner and shower food. As in, wedding shower

Although, technically, this was a "tea" and not a shower - yet another trip into unknown society wedding practices. I got a corsage. I got a sugar rush and gifts. I may have slightly enhanced my southern accent at times. Not to mock, but just to gloss over a few of my other personality quirks that are always in danger of popping up in large groups.

Does every other southern woman have some kind of secret handbook of social practices and traditions that I don't have access to? Is there a secret handshake? Is there??

I tend to assume my status as a southern lady is always in the clear every time I glance at my iron skillet hanging on the kitchen wall... but then I find myself surrounded by women who all have salon hair, jewelry and church connections, and I all I have to offer is spanx and a solid Steel Magnolias impression. Am I failing you, ladies? I do so want to lend to the overall mystique of the Southern Woman. We are a living anomaly, gals. Are we the nicest ladies you've ever met, or just the most prudent?

I have to tell you, this is blog gold, the whole Mystery of the Southern Woman thing, but - surprise surprise - I am drained. Just drained. Plus, I am cellular blogging yet again, and my battery is not quite up for this in depth exploration of character.

So, until next time? You all are too twisted for color tv.

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