Monday, April 30, 2012

Get all up in my business (or - What I've been up to)

Here it is - my morning off, after a weekend of performances and 12 hour rehearsal days... and yet I  have been up cleaning since about 7am. I am not sure what is more freakish - that I am awake after so little sleep, or that I am cleaning. Shudder.

Since I do have a date with my bed, I am keeping this short and sweet and to the point.

I have one more week of Alice left at the BCT. It has been an interesting and fun run, and a beautiful show to boot - I liked everyone I worked with, and that is always a blessing in the theatre world.

I also open Singing In The Rain this Thursday. If you wanna know what's up, then you really ought to get your sweet can down to the RMTC Cabaret theatre and check it out (ticket info here). I seriously sit offstage in all my Lina furs and sparkle watching the tap numbers with a big idiot grin on my face. No foolin'.

Photo from last weekend's umbrella/ticket giveaway in Railroad Park

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*cat videos, mostly

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