Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are you ready for the summer? No, really - are you?

Today, I

1. Finally made Mike his Monster Squad shirt
Finally, a shirt that looks cool and is totally factual.

2. Finished reading IT (bad news: Richie Tozier lives... little racist bastard)
3. Watched the final episode of King of the Hill.
4. Purposely forgot about the many years of getting every rock and pebble trapped in between that "shield" of hard plastic and my delicate footsies, and decided that what was missing in my life were Jelly sandals; and then I ebay-ed them into my life.

Here they are, ready for the summer.

5. Confirmed that my dream bike, the Huffy deluxe cruiser, while not perfect, would be okay for riding around town. Whew.
All I need is someplace to ride the bike to. Oh, and the bike.

So.... now what? I just finished up my spring work (Alice/Wonderland and Singin' In The Rain) and have work lined up for the fall into winter (Sleeping Beauty tour), but as of right now, my summer looks kind of... well... dead. For this little southern actress, June through August is a big empty stretch of thumb twiddling.

I mean, there are lots of things to look forward to in the next few months ( The Downtown Drive-In, for instance) (a possible trip up to Wisconsin, for another instance) (a crafting explosion in our little apartment for yet another instance) -
but I sure would like to know what the hell I'm gonna be doing in between vegan chili/fancy margarita parties*.

Right now the only thing I have lined up are a bunch of discount books from Little Professor Bookstore.

And my 29th birthday.


*A one woman gathering in my living room where I drink tequila and margarita mix and eat Amy's Black Bean chili straight out of the can.

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