Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've been around

Ah merciful heavens and praise Jebus- I finally have my interwebs back. But alas, I am only stopping by the old blog to say that you might not see much of me round these parts over the next couple of months. Why, Jessbecause? Because I start rehearsals for not one, but two shows on Monday- which should keep me in a frantic, but happy, state through early December.

But I don't want our summer romance to end, dear readers- so lets just say our over dramatic goodbyes now, that way when we run into each other at the tailgate party, me wearing a cheerleader's uniform, you wearing a leather jacket and hanging out with the local street toughs, it will be a wonderful surprise!

(But really, you will hear from me before December, because we have so much to discuss. Theatre, rescued dogs, auditions, boys, upcoming Muppet movies, music, holidays, girls, self esteem, my poor birthday planning skills, southerners, etc etc etc!)

Promise me that in these last few weeks of summer, you will go out in your shortest shorts and strut your stuff like so many women of Walmart do- only to return home at night to drown your end of summer blues in honky tonk, honey and bourbon and star gazing.

Love until next time.

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