Monday, October 17, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I told you all I'd be a bit of a ghost on my old blog, and I reckon I have fulfilled my promise! What has been eating up all my time? Well:
THE WILD PARTY at Virginia Samford Theatre. Singing, dancing, and rubbing my secret all over some very lucky guys. Musical theatre, kids! Dirty, raunchy, jazz filled musical theatre! Read our four star review here and come on out next weekend! Details here.

My day job has been far more tame, but just as fun- for the real kiddies (and some very silly adults like myself).

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW at Birmingham Children's Theatre. It's silly AND spooky - the best of both worlds. Be sure to come out to the family days the weekend before Halloween, where is sponsoring a costume contest for the kids. Plus I drag my petticoated self up to the lobby for autographs! Details here. Don't live in the Birmingham area? Never fear- we're taking this show on the road. We'll be in Florida all next week and back in 'Bama, then on up to North Carolina... and so on and so forth until  December 9th. Check with your local theatres to see if we're stopping by!!

Now that all that shameless self promotion is over, I am glad to tell you starting this week, I'll have a new post every week, at least until I start coming home from my morning shows, still covered in stage makeup, sulking in the corner and glaring up at my laptop from under my false eyelashes. Be proactive- that is my goal. Proactive. Proactive Proactive Proactive.  (Hopefully this works out better than the acne cleanser of the same name)

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