Friday, May 20, 2011

My cat and John Lithgow

I reckon we are continuing the possibly never ending list of "wants"-

Right now what I want the most is the health of my cat and myself, as we are both a little sassy and unwell, as this old photo from my Chicago days should prove.

Neither my cat nor myself are smokers. Anymore.

I also want peanut butter pie.

Yes, I have the personality of a bowl of black liquorice at the moment, so to make up for it- I am sharing funny things that are funny to tide me, and anyone who has wandered over here looking for a good time and instead found an anxious lady and her sick cat, over. Apologies.

If you don't watch the Colbert Report or like John Lithgow, I have nothing to offer you. If you like both, boy are you in for a treat. I like this because well, it's John Lithgow. And it reminds me that I actually did a scene study with him, even though I am certain I had a manic, fangirl "please think I'm talented" look on my face the entire time (long story- maybe next time). His talent is larger than he is, and that is one tall man.

Because I am having "photos as links" issues all of a sudden, here is the link to the awesome clip on Gawker.

Also, do you remember the "Radio Bart" Simpsons' episode? Oh you know, the one where he gets a microphone for his birthday, throws it down a well and pretends to be a little boy named Timmy trapped in the well until he himself gets trapped in the same well while trying to retrieve the mic (umm.... spoiler alert?). Well anywho, one of the best parts of the episode is the commercial for the mic, the Superstar Celebrity Microphone, which includes a guy driving by announcing "Hey good lookin! We'll be back to pick you up later!"

Well, here is the real commercial that it is based off of! Chuckles for days, I tells ya. (if you have seen the episode, that is)

You're all welcome. I will be back when I am full to bursting with good news.

With sass and love, Dobby the cat and Jessbecause

Yes, this is how I blog. I won't do it any other way.


Lindsey said...

Such a cute cat! I am a crazy cat lady too lol. I have two little munchkins. Well I guess they aren't so little any more but they will always be my babies!

Jessica said...

Me and Dobby the cat thank you! He does always looks dapper in his "tuxedo", even when he's surly.