Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things I want, no, NEED and no one has thought to get me yet

Subtlety has never been my strong suit. Of course, I could just be sharing these with you so you'll have more insight into my tastes and desires and think:

"That is one awesome chick. Man, I'd like to make some time with her, based on her preferences in popular culture. Yeah."

Well, I'm not. I am just putting this out there so you'll know that, as a greedy and lazy person who doesn't like to spend money on herself unless it is for brunch or alcohol,  I want. These. Things.

Hello. It has been my favorite movie of the past five years. I haven't been so silent about it. It was my facebook picture for a good chunk of time. I made an old beau a grape soda pin modeled after the one in the film. I love this movie, just like everyone else. Why is the dvd not sitting in a place of honor in my apartment?

Obvious reasons. Funny girls like funny girls who are being successful because of their funny girl-ness. And I would carry it around just to read in public places- therefore producing the reaction I mentioned earlier.

I asked for this at Christmas. Fuck you, Santa. This is why I haven't been fulfilling the Craft section of my blog.

The first step in getting something is by announcing you want it. In fact...You know what? I officially proclaim this a month of  Getting Whatever the Hell You Want!


What do you want that you haven't gotten yet?  Not like, "A meaningful job" or "To feel Happy" or "A special someone" or "The death my stupid bitch boss". I mean like, something I could go buy you right now at the Target. Although if you say "Love", I could probably find that there for you. They have everything.


sugarmouse said...

LOL!! :D you are a funny girl and HELLS YEAH the world needs more of you! :D :D :D things i want but haven't yet got:


Jessica said...

Oh shucks. I bet I can round up some exes who are happier to have less of me! I do like that photo printer- so much more fun than standing in line at the Walgreens!