Saturday, October 10, 2009

In honor of the Goddess

I am so lucky to have amazing lady friends in my life. True, I tend to get on with boys better, but my very best friends are all girls. Female companionship is incredibly important. I'm gonna say this, and I hope you won't misconstrue my meaning - I love women. I mean, being one can be beyond frustrating at times; some girls are catty, manipulative, malicious trixies- but mostly... mostly, I think we're amazing creatures. From our inner workings to our outer workings, the complexities and miracles of our day to day lives tend to go unappreciated, ignored and overlooked by our more... obvious qualities. While our sexual identity is important, it tends to overshadow everything else that we are. We're (as a whole) more empathetic human beings, which in my way of thinking, makes us more developed human beings. Because we're built to carry and create life, we somehow have a tendency to sacrifice and commit ourselves to those that we care for, far better than men can (as a whole).

Look, I'm not trying to rant or devalue men (you know I love you too), I just want to celebrate the women in my life - especially my friends. You girls are beyond beautiful and genuine human beings. I can't imagine the giant void that would be in my mind and heart if you weren't a part of my life. I just know each one of you has alternately challenged me and nurtured me; forced me to grow and helped me to understand what makes an obligation to other people's well being oddly freeing. But most of all, ladies, you make me love this life when everything else seems determined to get me down. And I know you'll always be there for me to turn to. Partially because you're women, but chiefly because you are unquestionably some of the most open, honest, thoughtful, sincere, talented, creative creatures on the whole damn planet. You're the blanket to my Linus.
You make my heart do this:

You know who you are. I'm glad we've stuck together. After all, sticking together's what good waffles do.


joyful girl said...

i couldn't agree more, on every count, cupcake. love you.

Frau Schmidt said...

I had forgotten how much I love that scene in Summer Stock. I want to watch the whole movie again now!

You're my amazingest lady friend, and I miss you too much! Operation Cupcake Crosses the Pond starts now.