Saturday, October 24, 2009

Am I Blue Clues

1. Blogging to validate emotions = silly.
2. In an effort to make up for the sleep I've lost over the past two weeks, I slept until 6:30. PM. Never a good solution.
3. I've discovered that I have gained back 12 of the 25 lbs I lost 4 years ago- within the past two months. However, I have not eaten all week- except for Thursday night, when the lure of Davenports and movies was all too tempting. But after viewing wedding pictures, the realization that there is not one flattering photo of one's self is quite disheartening and a confirmation of chubby girl syndrome.
4. In reference to the lack of food, it is because I cannot work up the energy to walk down to the store and purchase groceries.
5. Laundry, Jess, Laundry. It can't just pile up for a week and not get done. And yet there it sits.
6. I believe the cat has caught on to my mood, as he has started peeing next to Shakespeare, who responded with "Thy feline's fluids art super gross. Cut it out, you jerk!".
7. I wept, silently bawled even, at Where the Wild Things Are.
8. And I can't get over my frustration that the movie is being brushed off as a hipster joint. You know what film was directed at misunderstood hipsters and was incredibly flawed? Do you? 500 Days of Summer. There. I said it.
9. Regarding above post, I am easily frustrated over silly things and a little short with most people/office equipment these days. (Please refrain from short jokes. I get it.)
10. Massive daily, endless headaches. Not even the approaching holidays can cheer me up- which, if you know me, is a huge indicator of something being off.

I'm gonna take a shot and say this adds up to a blue spot on the Clark calender. One that I am very eager to be rid of. No one likes a mopey chick. Le sigh.


brittney faith said...

i will defend where the wild things are with you until the very end, my love! and thank you for the women in art. i saw it two years back, but had forgotten how much i loved it. here's to us and our fellow sisters in art!! and part time in retail, serving, etc. etc. ;)

joyful girl said...

oh no, why are you so blue, my cupcake???? had a tiny cupcake at the cutest place called "little cupcakes" in melbourne the other day and thought of you.

i silently wept at where the wild things are too - when she says "i'll eat you up i love you so" - it was the day i left for Oz & it just made me think of how much i'll miss everyone at home...

anyway, don't be blue. i love you. xx

Adam said...

It's okay to be sad sometimes.

Jessica said...

fox, i just watched that link. that blue bird wasn't happy at all! (and yes, i do own that movie)

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