Sunday, August 16, 2009


I is drunk offa too much mexican food and coca cola. Oh my tummy.
Painting. But more paint on self than on canvas. Hmmm.
Adding to new music; damn you itunes! I tried to avoid you like the plague. How will I ever pay my rent??
But if you're looking for some stuff to listen to, lemme help ya out:

That should cover us for awhile; all kind of mystical, romantic, folksy, and some are smiling inducing upbeat tunes. That's the way the wind seems to be blowing these days. I likes. I likes a lot.

I have two avocados. How does one make guacamole?


joyful girl said...

mmm... guac. and mmmmusic.

Adam said...

Saw Blitzen Trapper last month at the Hollywood Bowl w/ Ray Lamontaigne (I liked Blitzen Trapper better).

Shannon taught me how to make guacamole: slice the avocados, remove seed, dig out the insides from the outside part, and smush up into a bowl. Add onion, salt (not too much) & seasoning, and whatever else you like. The main thing is to use avocados that are brown and a little smushy on the outside.

Frau Schmidt said...

Hmm...I put a little lemon juice with the mushed up avocados (Michael mushes them better than I do) and mix in a little salsa from a jar. The avocados have to be ripe for sure, which means you can squeeze them. You can put them with the bananas to make them ripen faster.

I miss mexican food, but I got a good tip on a place in Notting Hill from a Canadian whose husband is Mexican.

I have never heard of this music. I need to pay attention!

Jessica said...

onions, ewwwwww

Adam said...

Oh, lemon juice! Good call, Lydia. I don't know why, but I got on a big onion kick (along w/ feta cheese) about 2 years ago. I'm into bell peppers now and trying to branch forward into squash and backtrack to ammend my thing against tomatoes.

Jessica said...

i love tomatoes. almost to an inappropriate degree. but onions, blegh! they can kiss it! as in my butt!