Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lunch Break

truffle oil= yum
In case you didn't know. I'm a pretty happy girl these days, for a multitude of reasons. Truffle oil is just one of them. Secret Strawberry fizzes are another. I've been singing a lot in my apartment and I'm not sure if my neighbors can hear me- if they can, they are getting one hell of a show.
I went through my life and did some weeding and it has made me a lot more at peace.
having someone say I love you= yum
saying it back= double yum

I bought new sheets for the bed. I am still fantasizing about couches. I need to save up money for a vehicle. I have lots of traveling ahead of me.

I realize I'm probably annoyingly cheerful and giddy these days, so my apologizes go out, but also my wish that those who don't like it can suck it. I keep thinking about the movie Up. I just want to go back and see it again and again. I'll be sitting at work, thinking about it and then get choked up. This is probably inappropriate work behavior, as is constant e mailing, but it makes the days flow along better.
big fucking fat cats= yum
puppy fever= yum
records and new reading material= yum
upcoming weddings= yum

Holy moly, upcoming weddings- I really need to get my act together. What kind of MOH am I??? October is freakishly close!


Bewitched - Ella Fitzgerald

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joyful girl said...

ridiculously happy cupcake = yummmm