Thursday, August 27, 2009

Front Seat

I. Am. Gettin. A. Couch. Dagnabbit.

So it has been four months - it's time to act again. Jeez, there was a time when I was doing like, at least two shows at a time ALL the time. What happened? I mean, I'm pleased to have a big girl job and big girl health insurance and a big girl apartment, but I just wanna act, really. Big drawn out sigh. It has become less and less bizarre to not have theatre at the forefront of my life, however, it hasn't really felt much like my life. Not to be a big cornball, but I have only had one place where I felt like I belonged - and that would be in a theatre. Or to clarify, any place where I had opportunities to perform, to create. Once you cut yourself off from that, there is a feeling of being aimless, useless. Worse than that, the feeling of just floating becomes almost seductive. It's terribly easy. And terribly terrible. I know it's not just me... the pressure's on to quit "just killing time", right? I'm coming back around though; there is a feeling of waking up - of remembering that life is more valuable than things, security, and whatnot. I had a conversation tonight with a friend about how exciting it used to be to wake up every morning when we were children. Because you had a whole day of doing things you actually wanted to do to look forward to. Insane, right? Who here lately has actually woken up at the crack of dawn, impatient for the day to start? I have, but only very recently. Here's to making every day like that! (raises a Honey Moon)

Real Love - Adam Sandler


Matilde Majerik said...

girl. dont you dare stop creating. no matter where you may be. (and read my poem hehe besos!!!)

Blasé said...

I think you need to go to the Theatre!