Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bewitched, Bothered

and bewildered? Yeahhh.... Once again, I find I've entered into a period of insomnia. I read, I lay in silence, I turn on the tv.... nothing. My brain just keeps going and fixating on things I will never figure out or be able to put to rest. Here it is, almost 6am and I'm still awake! How do people manage to put their thoughts to rest?
Do you know what I think face book and myspace and all these networking forums need? They need an app that translates cryptic statuses and what not. Although I'm totally guilty of posting such bullshit myself, it usually doesn't run so deep - mostly its just movie references or Simpsons quotes. It is exhausting trying to figure that mess out. And why? Its just one of the many things that keep me up at night, and for no good reason.
In one attempt to lull myself to sleep, I put on an old home movie and was horrified to hear my strong southern accent (which my mother soon knocked out of me) at age eight. I was giving my parents a tour of the zoo.
"Hay, it's me ag'in. Jissica Clarrrk, you knoaw? These ahre the se-yals. And they eat a loht. Lahke fi-yish? And squad? I mean... I mean Squ-yid". Oy. That would keep anyone up.


Frau Schmidt said...

1) This is why I solve crossword puzzles at night. Finding solutions before you go to sleep is good for the subconscious.

2) Yes. Let's write a cryptic status decoder dictionary. Step one, collect random cryptic statuses. Step two, alphabetize. Step three, decode. Step four, make millions of dollars. Step three, turn best selling book into hit tv series or feature film.

3) I will pay you pounds sterling to see that video at the zoo. As soon as I open this play and get a job.

4) Number two was a numbered list within a numbered list. I need less rehearsal and more sleep!

Adam said...

I have a problem getting back to sleep when I wake up at 2 or 3am. Reeeally annoying. (Or "rilly annoyin'", if you want to get all Southern about it.) Lydia might be onto something with the crossword puzzles, but drinking helps. I may not live to see 100, but I'm sleeping like a baby now! Wait...babies wake up all the time screaming and wetting themselves. I'm more like a trusted hobo that gets taken in for the night by a kind elderly couple. I guess, I'm like that trusted hobo in a lot of ways, but the sleep thing is the only thing that pertains to this conversation. Sleep tight!