Sunday, February 1, 2009

You've got it, you know

I am not a Mopey Molly, I just want to clear this up. Lots of things make me happy and I do try to avoid drama at all costs. But I realize that, due to present circumstances, my past few blogs have been kinda blue and mirroring my frustration and need for change. So, just to switch things up, I'm sharing some things that have brightened my day and made me smile.

I am crazy about this video. These guys are ADORABLE. They had another one a year or two back that I loved, called Radio Ladio, which you should youtube if you are so inclined. The band is called Metronomy.

Nico Vega- okay, the girl singer, Aja, just reminds me of all the reasons I want to be in a freakin band. I always have. Why not now??

Especially, when I haaaaave THIS:

Yeah, that would be Forsythe and I honky tonky-ing it on my new guitar.

I'm also into puppies, movies, The Soup, soup in general, cherry coke and long walks on the beach... um, through the snow.... okay, through the beach in my mind as I sit on my bed and watch more snow clouds roll past.

You know, I saw this counselor for about 6 months last year. She was awesome and had a heavy accent and one of the things she said to me in our last session was
"Zjesseeka, wut i vant for you ees to 'ave a choice. You zhouldn't veel trapped into your deezizions."

This has stuck with me, and if I have a major flaw (and I have MANY! I know its hard to believe) its that I won't see that I have the option of making my own choice- one that everyone won't agree with and may not support. But dammit, it'll be mine! And zat ees vut I need right now. Choice.
After all, Dumbledore said, "It is our choices, Harry, that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities."
And on that note.....

Okay, I hope this has made you smile... if it hasn't yet, well TRUSS YOU! I mean, why not check out some of the details on Spiderman: The Musical!


Lydia said...

That show's going to be amazing! Although I have my doubts about Evan Rachel Wood's Broadway chops...

As for Harry Potter, it's past time for us to see that movie! I can't wait!!!

joyful girl said...

you're allowed to feel blue sometimes, darling. but it's always good to remember & feel grateful for all the good things, too. :)
my mom always says the same thing about choice - the key to living a happy life is to feel like you have choices. you always DO have a choice, but sometimes it's hard to see it, and sometimes the choice is really hard to make. sometimes it's a choice btwn a rock & a hard place but you still always have a choice. and you, my sweet cupcake, are young & beautiful & talented & have so many choices that are just waiting for you to spot them. seriously.
and cheers to harry potter! xoxo