Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do You Know....

My father is a republican and gets his news from fox news. I'm an apathetic turned Democrat and I listen to NPR and watch The Daily Show. We had a blow out fight on election day that ended in hugs and acceptance. (hint hint, Washington)

I took ballet for several years as a child, but was encouraged to focus on theatre, as I couldn't stop talking and flashing my bloomers.

I didn't drink or smoke in high school, but very happily began doing both once I turned 18.

I used to have a tent that was made for my bed. It was pink and awesome, but my parents took it down because I would stay up late playing with my stuffed animals and reading.

I'm naturally shy around most people, which is very misleading when people discover I'm pretty outgoing.

I had a brief love affair with Bridget Jones Diary and was temporarily convinced that I WAS Bridget. Some days I still think that.

Sometimes I'll embarrass myself just to make other people laugh.

Three winters up north and I admit, I still don't know how to handle the winter blues.

I dream big, but am ashamed to say so. I'm not sure why.

I used to use hair product, paint my nails and wear makeup EVERY DAY. Not so much anymore.

In many ways, my mom is still my hero. She's influenced literally hundreds of students to not only get involved with theatre, but to become more open minded and loving people.

I cannot throw away cards. It's become a problem as I've run out of room to store them all.

I'm an impatient procrastinator. Not a good combination.

I hate being sad but I love the humanity of it. It's more impressive to fall and get back up, than to just remain standing.

Ex: I still have my rejection letter from Julliard. It doesn't upset me, quite the opposite. I'm just happy to know that I auditioned and that I have something from Julliard addressed to me.

This is me in a nutshell:


Lydia said...

I knew all of these! I remember when every blog started Bridget Jones style...

Love ya cupcake.

joyful girl said...

aww i love this! i used to have a tent on my bed too - it protected me from monsters at night, but in the daytime i would turn it upside-down on the floor & pretend it was a boat; i was pretty rough on it. when i broke it, my parents wouldn't get me a new one. :(
mmm cupcakes! i couldn't agree more! xoxo