Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's twue. It's twue it's twue...

Dear God, Jesus, Buddha, Et al-

What's up? Jessica here. Just thought I'd send a minor request up. Ummm, can you possibly turn things around for me - in a positive way! Not that tricky "Job" kind of way, where in the long run I'm better for all the struggles. Not that I question your will, but I'm kind of needing not only a silver lining, but a butt load of sunshine! Anyway, that's it. Hey, thanks for making hair finally turn out the right color. It looks good. And thanks for getting my mom that audition and dad that job prospect. That was pretty sweet. Hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day. Did you exchange cards, or do you go all out and have chocolate and 'tinis? Much love!

Jessica Clark (Milwaukee, WI, USA, Earth)

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