Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is Heavy

I went back and viewed my old blogs on myspace and found this little mini-bio from over two years ago. I'm amazed at how much of this is still true, although all these things seem different to me these days.

"I love people. All kinds. If you are passionate and true, then I'm yours. I love learning about new things. Three things are very important to me: friends, family, theatre- if you don't get that, then get out. But usually most people can relate to one of the three. I am not cool. I spend way too much time alone, so I have on more than one occasion caught myself singing to the cat like carol channing. I have a little brother who is autistic and he happens to be the coolest person I know. You would agree if you met him. I grew up in the theatre and I have a thousand stories. Stage mothers used to hate me when I took parts away from their little girls, and to this day I am still a little afraid of all stage moms. They are intense. I am moving to Chicago in July to persue acting, I love all nighters, but boy it is hard to pull off one nowadays. I am very proud of my Irish blood. I want a tattoo- but I am terrified. I like having a part of me that is grounded- it doesn't get me anywhere to be always out there. I am cheesy, and I'm not apologizing. If I am cruel, it is usually to hide something- but I am pretty open. I hate lying and liars. I hate pretentious people more than anything. I am quite sentimental, but not sensitive. I rarely cry, but I am easily moved by music,movies, theatre and nature. I've never had a "real" boyfriend. I cannot spell. I am terribly awkward, but I can be fierce. My drunk name is "Nawanda Lovecanbuildabridge". I have far too many nicknames. There's a part of me that will always a little overdramatic and out of control, but for the past couple of years I have been pretty calm. I have made several mistakes, and I have learned a great deal. Sometimes, you have to put your own life on hold to care for the people you love. I have a lot of pictures, a lot of tales, a lot of awards, and a lot of junk. I believe art has the power to change people and it really shouldn't be the playground of the selfish, or the insecure. I am always broke. I used to play the piano until we had to sell it. I quit smoking, but I will indulge every now and then. My friends are so important to me, and I thank them for their patience- I am never on time. I usually show up at a party 4-6 hours late. I have 4 friends that I can really count on and I think that is incredible. I've met a lot of people, I've gone through a lot of "best friends", but no one is dispensible. Boogers and poo gross me out. I can deal with vomit, unless it is animal vomit. Ninjas hate pirates. I love space and part of me secretly wants to be an astronaut. If I can't be an actress, I seriously think I would be a paranormal investagator. My cousin taught me how to do the electric slide in our basement. I know how check your blood pressure, your pulse, your urine, and I could draw your blood. Tell me stories, I love to listen. I love: getting lost and trying to find my way back, mix cds and back massages, history and science- although I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant about most of it, shakespeare, movies, comedy, music, musicals with meaning, food, giving people presents, laughing, bad jokes, reading, ghosts and ghosthunting, sandwiches, mst3k and the simpsons, traveling, singing, teaching, birmingham, walking, hideaways, being loud, being quiet, being friendly, kareoke, driving, driving with the windows down, snow, scarves, summer nights, showers, getting dirty, smiling, dancing without style, blood and guts, hugging, the zoo, holidays, and soda."


Lydia Milman Schmidt said...

I remember this, it feels like a lifetime ago!! But it's good to know some things never change. And equally good that some things do change...for the better.

Anonymous said...

i heart you.