Saturday, November 22, 2008

13 Hours Make All The Difference

I had a dream that I bought donuts on my way back from Alabama on Friday, and I spent a good portion of the morning searching for them. Delirium... oh, definitely. It'll take me a few days to get back on schedule. But here's what I've discovered as a result of my little road trip.

A. Wisconsin is beautiful as you're leaving it.


B. Illinois and Indiana suck. I don't know where they get off having toll booths. I do not feel that my $2.50 enhanced my personal experience with their highways.

C. Driving back is mysteriously easier until you're home - exhausted, dreading work, and thinking about what you left behind.


Ooh, girl! What that picture doesn't tell you is that, even though it was 4am and I was beyond tired, I went inside to unpack and proceeded to clean my room for an hour.

And, last but not least,

D. You can drive from Birmingham to Nashville with the parking brake on.

(Okay,okay - D. Life is better when you go for it. Is that better?)

1 comment:

Lydia Milman Schmidt said...

Good ol' road trip delirium! I remember I always started talking to myself five hours into the drive. I don't know why that's the magic number!

The last picture is priceless.