Monday, August 11, 2008

Give My Love To Vulcan

Tell me why I draw people with lima bean shaped heads and naked ladies that look like bugs and I'll tell you where your dreams go when you release them. Come on, now.

In Place of Peach Ice Cream

We walked the path that leads to the bus station
and we stopped to pick green apples off the tree.
A storm had come through the night before,
knocking blueberries out of their mother's arms
and the dust turned black beneath our feet
as we crushed them where they lay.


Matilde Majerik said...

oh my pinche limited acces to the internet! i would love to talk to you! there is a lot to catch up on. well see when i can get my landlord to fix the network. in the meanitme i am making up chords to what you wrote about the storm and the berries on the ground, which is just beautiful.
my thoughts and love are with you.

Jessica said...

thanks woman.