Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Sweetest Gal I Know

Link to my etsy store on left. Very tired. Sensation of being caught in a vortex of time and space is quite strong.... Here's the picture that helped inspire the one above.

I'm dreaming of renting a car and driving back to the magic city for a real visit. It's just a dream, however. Unless the summer miracle happens... wait wait wait, what the hell happened to my birthday miracle, huh? Oh, that is it. I had better be in for a couple of TREATS.

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Lydia Milman Schmidt said...

I love it!!!!

A co-worker is driving down to Pensacola today, and I told her to look for Vulcan as she passed by on 65 and wave for me.

Can you even see Vulcan from 65? I wasn't sure.