Monday, July 7, 2008

Bunny Fever

I've got it. Bunnies are jumping through my brain all day, every day. Check out this guy ( a french lop bunny).

He's a record setter at 25 lbs. Yowza! Has he grown to be bigger than the world's largest bunny? That's what I want. How do I go about getting that? Craigslist?
Me: five foot lady, You: four foot attack bunny. Must love to cuddle.

Please, no one pass this along to my cat - who is fast asleep in my lap. Oh, and did you know I'm a superhero of justice? Don't worry, I'll prove it. (Lydia, hello? Is this thing on?)


Lydia Milman Schmidt said...

I know, I know! Justice Asskicker photos on the way. I was busy putting up the pro pics last night and still didn't finish!

That bunny weighs more than my dog and is only slightly less adorable.

Meredith said...

bunnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. buh-KNEE. buh. neeeeyyyy. bunny.

Jessica said...

bbbbbbunny. bunny! boooonaaaaay!
ps, lydia- there are some pictures that i found of people with enormous bunnies, and they are ALL cuddling. man oh man, how can i resist??? i need some bunny credit.

Meredith said...

bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny (I pointed to you)