Friday, July 11, 2008

To do or not to do

Grocery List

kitty litter
hair dye (chocolate brown)
4 golden delicious apples for comfort
1 granny smith apple for tartness
walnut ink stain
guidance and reassurance
the world's largest bunny
short dresses
courage to wear said dresses
nail polish
paper towels (for spills and accidents)
reassurance - very important
water color pencils and sketching pencil
somebody nice... or outrageous
sleep, but not in capsule form
eye make up remover
new glasses
fabreez for stinky pets and boys
and my favorite.... plastic bins for packing and organizing

Remember how I said I was a super hero? Lady Justice is my name and errr, Justice .... is my game.

And of course, Love - pretending to be blind - makes an appearance.

Have I forgotten about my big (well, big to me) beautiful canvas? Of course not. I am working on it, every day. Very. Very. Slowly. Patience, those who follow my business (lydia, meredith, jennifer, anonymous? you can comment too).


Lydia Milman Schmidt said...

Hooray for bins! I need more too. It's time for a target run.

Are you making apple pie? I think I can smell it from here...I'm coming over for a slice.

Meredith said...

I <3 it. Walnut ink is good. I prefer sepia and antelope brown. Also, I have discovered that a lot of regular ol' colored pencils have the effect of watercolor pencils too. Add water - badabing!(although not as great as said watercolor pencils, but also not as expensive). Love you dummy. Lydia - save me a slicshh! Apple piiiieeeeee....