Tuesday, June 10, 2008

B is for Blog

Mmm. Hmmmm. Ahem. I believe I strained my throat this weekend. However, it was from laughing, so it was well worth it. It was really a wonderful four days; a beautiful wedding (despite the downpours); and quite emotionally draining. I haven't had so much fun in such a long time; and it is wonderful to find some sense of consistency in this ever changing world through your friends. I hadn't seen most of those people in years, and they killed any doubts I had that I could make it through the weekend by just being the amazing, crazy kids they are. So! Obviously I must collage as soon as I get all the pictures together. I'm starting to work on some ideas.... Perhaps I can board book the experience? I also have a blank 16 by 20 inch stretched canvas that I can work on....

Well, I'll get back to that.

Do you know what had been running through my head before I left for Chicago? Message boards. Are they mediums of evil or of good? I understand and appreciate the concept of connection and sharing ideas, however they all seem to end up the same way.

Yikes! All I can say is never, ever form your opinions based off of whatever comes across a message board.


Meredith said...

That's hilarious.

Jessica said...

thanks. i like drawing fat girls. it makes me feel good about myself.

Meredith said...

Fat girls are fuuuuhhhhny! Hey. REad my response on M knight shamma-lamma-ding-dong. Spoiler alert! Ps. I miss the ever lovin' hell out of ya'. GAWD! You my girl and I loves you. Whhhhhyyyyyyyy!!!! Bawwwwwwhhhhhhhh *that last cry was for Colin.

Anonymous said...

jessica: excellent comic strips. i love them. don't stop. no, no, don't! stop!

meredith: how is yr play going? i want to see a pic of you as a boy. sorry i couldnt come the other night. my life is transitionary chaos right now. im moving to mexico. im selling all my furniture. ARE YOU STILL INTERESTED IN THE GREEN GOLD SWIVEL CHAIR?

ladies: stay cool. erase the hate, release the peace. kisses.


Lydia Milman soon-to-be-Schmidt said...

I think I'm a little behind, but I just wanted to say: Loofa mama's cankles. Yes.