Friday, May 30, 2008

Beautiful Poses

I'm in the car and I decide to put in Rufus Wainwright's "Poses", which I haven't listened to in... oh, years. Anyway, it was just wonderful! I'm such a sucker for Rufus. His voice moves through me. Like a bag of prunes - but in a positive sense. I need to find a boy just like him, but of course not gay- as that would not work in my favor.

I really should work on my mixed media canvas skills. I get going with an idea, but then I feel like there are blank places that need to be filled. And so I add. And add. And add! I can't stop, and finally I just want to paint the whole thing white and start over again! Any suggestions???

I have an idea for the next blog, as long as everyone is on board!
( I say everyone... I think that is only Lydia and Meredith. But I will imagine that everyone means everyone. )
So just watch out for some art fun coming your way! There might be some delay as I will be watching my dear friend Lydia Milman go officially off the market this week! I am frantically searching for songs to sing at the reception... romantic songs.... But when I google romantic songs, I keep coming up with material by artists such as Eddie Rabbit and Juice Newton. Not to knock their style, but it might be slightly inappropriate for the maid of honor to sing lyrics like
"I don't know what we're afraid of - Nothing would change if we made love - So I'll be your friend - And you'll be my lover!"
I'm sure there will be some delightful drunk bridesmaid pictures to post.

PS- New ramblings before I head to Chicago on Wednesday. This is a promise. If you have bookmarked this hot mess by now, you'd better check yo'self!


Lydia Milman soon-to-be-Schmidt said...

I like the breakthrough painting a lot. It's my second favorite after the accordion pages.

I thought we had decided on "She's a Bad Mamma Jamma???" What happened to Stevie Wonder?

What is your super secret blog project?

jenny marie said...

bread! the one that goes, if a face could launch a thousand ships, etc....when my love for life is running dry, you come and pour yourself on me....if a man could be two places at one time id be with you tomorrow and today, etc.

or, theres always i wanna make it with you. hey i ay, have you ever tried, really reaching out to the other side? doesnt get much more romantic that bread.

ill keep thankin ont.



Meredith said...

I love the first one a lot too! You are awesome with the accordion pages. I gotta post my recent journal entries...and stat. I miss you dummy.

Nikki said...

i love LOVE LOVE these two paintings!! i know i'm way behind but daaaaang girl, you are so talented!! xo