Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cave Dweller

Power Animal

I'm saying I'm a mother fucking bear

but no one seems to notice!

I may look cute and cuddly

and maybe so I am -

but I've got claws, babe

and the sun shines on my chest

and my secrets aren't yours to find.

I'm a big old bear

.... okay, I am the smallest of my kind

but I don't deserve to be endangered,

not when the blood runs through me -

that thing that is inherited;

that trait that can't be denied.

I'm a bear. I'm a bear, I'm a bear.

I'm a bear.


Lydia Milman soon-to-be-Schmidt said...

Rawr, rawr, rawr.

See you in a couple hours!

Meredith said...

Though I might live inside of a Cave - Every Bear knows it's all the rave!
So human beings stop killing me!
The Zoo is not where I want to be!

Ima Bear

Ima Bear

Ima flippin' cute Bear but Ima still a Bear!



Jessica said...

this little bear better start savin!