Monday, May 19, 2008

Watch your head

Six hours til Forsythe! Whatever shall we do? Go to the lake? Pick up scary biker guys? Take up a life as two kooky gals working in a factory and wearing sweaters with our first initial stitched onto the front? Will we? WILL WE???

And now, straight from my oil pastel colors to your eyes.... Ladies!

(just two for now)

I also finished my dream shrine. Well, I believe it's finished. I look at it and feel like there is something missing. I'm not sure if I'm ready to hang it up yet. It represents some of the things that I want in this life, large and small. Deep and shallow. Meh.


Lydia Milman soon-to-be-Schmidt said...

I love the dreamhouse! or whatever it's called. What does it say behind the birthday candles?

I also like the second drawing a lot.

Have fun with Forsythe. Say hi to Lenny and Squiggy for me!

Jessica said...

it's the definition of hope.

Lydia Milman soon-to-be-Schmidt said...

I love it.

Meredith said...

Hey girl! Very cool. By the by, I stole your Steve Martin quote. It just seemed perfect because I'm doing a Steve Martin adaptation play. Plus, I'm having a pissy day. Call me. Love you!