Friday, May 23, 2008

Babble Babble

In a Town Outside of Las Vegas

Stretch your arms across the dirt
and take a deep breath-
"You know what that smell is?"
Suzanne cracks a smile
and spits watermelon seeds
through her two front teeth.
"That's something we used to know"
She throws her hips to the side
and stretches her limbs
claws out
eyes closed.
Ah, regret becomes a fantasy
as she leans in close
"Don't be afraid now, honey".

Red Balloon

Hold on to it tightly
for tomorrow may take it away.
Things that are fragile
will always attach themselves
to those who need them most.
They're built to float in
and out of our lives,
to give us a time
when we were running
down rain soaked sidewalks-
hand and hand,
pressing dirty fingers
against pastry windows,
browsing importantly through street markets
and darting down alleyways.
And though the days have melted,
you've stored the heart of them
somewhere that is impossible to find.
They'll wait for you outside your window;
they'll keep close to your side


i need kisses
sweet and whole
filled with substance
and a little impure
i'm game for
the opportunistic carnivore
wandering through my territory
i hunger to feel
the sensation of being devoured
and i'm not ashamed
to flaunt where i stand
meek as a lamb
ravenous, though
through and through


Come over when the lily pads have returned
and help me laugh at the boys that we passed;
Come find me by the river in a Blue Moon half drunk;
Let's bury our heads in the sand
and come up with the strength to climb back up the cliffs.
Truth, not fashion - that's what we're about!
Put a check mark next to that decade
and realize there's no pulling out now.

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