Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Super Secret November Challenge Blog Post #8

It's Veterans Eve

Friends, I am mush. My brains are mashed potatoes (stay away, Richard Dreyfuss!). It has been a long day, and this little lady got a lot done. 

But now, I am in that stage you reach after a long stretch of being hyper focused and constantly moving on little food. You know, where my head is seconds from floating out the window and getting caught in a power line? 

So I am ashamed to say, I have nothing to blog about. At least, nothing that I care to blog about, more than I care about crawling into bed with a big ass cup of tea and a book. 

So what can I offer you? Puppy porn? Kitten porn? Food porn? 

I know what... Everyone sit back. Relax. 

But really relax. Like, sick day relax. 

Okay good. 

(I'm sorry, but this is what I really need now. Please. Understand my needs, everyone.)

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