Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stop sleeping and stop making sense

I feel somewhat guilty for taking up an entire post to make this announcement, but I believe it is rather important.

It's official. I WILL be dressing up as David Byrne for Halloween this year.

I suppose I could go as Tina Weymouth, but we already have similar hairstyles and I secretly plan to start dressing as her on weekends and other holidays anyway.

Second announcement, is not really an announcement but an idea. Why the hell hasn't someone dreamed up the Stop Making Sense concert workout regime/dvd? But seriously. They jog in place the whole damn show... You could get your cardio while "burning down the house"(pardon the pun, but the moment demanded it). Granted, the last time I watched the whole thing from begin to end was, well... six years ago with my father and my brother's old boy scout master after we had put back a couple (four) of bottles of wine... so I haven't exactly tested this exercise routine myself, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be a BIG hit.

Yes, I am a shameless Talking Heads nerd. And yes, I have had a bit of a TH re-awakening over the past few days, so this may be why I am inundating the blog with videos today.

Please, enjoy some of my favorite songs from Talking Heads Stop Making Sense concert?

Featuring possible halloween costume:

But this is the outfit that will probably win:

It's jazzercize meets treadmill-less jogging meets the choreography I borrowed from for the little kids dance class I taught last year. No foolin'. They were dancing to They Might Be Giant's Birdhouse in Your Soul. Frankly, I'm shocked the building didn't implode from all the awesomeness.

Possibly the most romantic song ever - if you take it out of the whole ironic Wall Street usage. I'll never forgive you, Oliver Stone.

Or hell, just watch the whole damn concert if you like (before youtube takes it down).


Cassie @ said...

Yes, I love me some Talking Heads! Definitely a great cardio workout. Although Halloween is still a ways away (my god), I can understand how you'd get enthusiastic about those damn awesome shoulder pads.

Jessica said...

I will definitely be taking all five feet of me to the local gentlemen's "big and tall" clothing store for that suit ;)