Monday, April 2, 2012

Get organized or get out

No person's home really looks like this, right? Right??

One of the bad things about being an emotionally driven part time crafter (i.e. periods of  furiously pasting shit together at 2am after a few drinks) is that I leave a lot of junk lying around. It drives me crazy. It drives my boyfriend crazy. My cat is in crinkle paper heaven.

I do so try to get organized. I have probably spent hundreds of dollars on plastic bins and stack-able drawers and carts - yet I just end up with a cluttered table and a billion tote bags stuffed with unpaid bills, head shots, yarn, twine, half dried acrylic paint bottles, scissors and glue. Currently, the chair I am sitting in is also supporting three tote bags from it's side; one is filled with wax paper, ribbon, a hot glue gun and a wine glass - as those are the supplies one uses to make a DIY chandelier.

There is also the space next to the nightstand, with four bags of unfinished knitting projects...

Or how about the drawer in the kitchen stuffed with supplies to make the invisible bookshelf I was gonna build a year ago?

And sweet jesus, the bottom of the linen closet. The Bottom Of The Linen Closet.

I have a problem.

I have spent the past few years trying to create a cute and unique living space with a minimal budget. But, as always, I just end up slapping shit on the walls and figuring that old Christmas lights and a mason jar with tea lights will pull the look together.

I am getting a little worried that my home still does not reflect a grown up with a fun sense of taste, but more so a kindergarten art class.

What to do? I don't want a traditional catalog home. I don't want something that is too picture perfect. But I don't also want to be Moses of the Mod Podge sea, constantly parting the waves of glitter glue and cut up book pages just to get to the damn kitchen.

Plus there is the fact that I have very limited focus. There is pretty much a small window of time that I can get actual work done before my mind floats out the window and I either start thinking about what Stephen King movie I am going to watch that night or I end up taking an extended cat nap, with my cat.

I just want to know, how do people stay organized AND unique at the same time??

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Little Missy Me said...

Do you guys have hard-rubbish collection days? It's where people throw all their stuff that they don't want anymore on the nature strip - and thereby a fantastic place to find stuff!
I totally feel the same about this desire for kitschy-cute but sophisticated adult look... I guess it's just about trying things out and being brave enough to admit it looks shit and throw it out/donate it/ebay it???
Also, you could apply that last mantra to your over-collection - have enough confidence to know it's never going to happen so just throw it out (I need to take my own advice)