Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post number 4

Let me just get this straight.

Blogger, we're on thin ice. You have lost the past three posts I have tried to post. And always right at the end. Very tricky. Very tricky indeed.

Yes, I have been super secretly boning up (ha, boning) on css and html for the past week. And granted, I still don't understand a lick of it. But there is no need to shut me out just because I experimented a little on you. Forgive me for thinking our relationship needed a shot in the ass of excitement.

Look, I don't know what your issue is, but you need to pull that giant stick out of your information superhighway.

At least I got a new word out of the experience.

"Hangry" indeed. It took two bowls of cereal and a strawberry soda to cool me off.

 I'm gonna go finish up The Dark Tower. You stay here. Think about what you've done. 


Jonathan said...

When I was writing regular content on (pointless plug since it's hardly ever updated now), I would write all of my posts in Google Docs, then upload them to the blog when I was finished. That way I'd always have a backup. May want to try that if you're not.

Jessica said...

I think google is out to get me - through blogger or by whatever means necessary... But, yeah. I had to write this on notepad first and copy/paste. Twice.

cheating wivescheating said...
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