Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's not that I don't love you...

It is just that my life has been full of theatre, doctors' appointments, medical tests, cat scans and sleeping whenever I get a chance. I promise that I will post a full run down of the magical medical adventures of Jessica Clark, as some people were concerned as to whether or not I was okay (This in: tests show no brain tumor. Yay! But my head still may explode. Boo.), but I will save that for later.

Instead I will shameless promote yet another musical where I dance in my underwear and use a funny accent. THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS!!
You shoot on the Yee, not the Haw.

It has been a fun experience and has made me happier than a rich Texan. If I owned guns, I'd be shootin' them in the air, yelling "YeeHaw!".

We got a five star review, thank y'all very much. There's even a shout out to yours truly. And the audiences have loved it too, I tell you what! Tickets have been going fast for this one and there is only one more weekend to purchase them. So get on it if you are in the Birmingham area, or just love theatre road trips.

I mean it now. Pull those boots up, put away your nervous pants, and come on out for a little harmless fun. You can't just stay home watching the Dolly Parton film version (although Charles Durning has a very entertaining number in it). I didn't study all those King of the Hill episodes for nothing. So have a beer and pretend it's a Lonestar and come on down to the theatre.


Tori LaConsay said...

You're made of steel, lady. I remain in awe of you (what's new), but this time specifically - because you're still working hard and keeping that chin up. Hi fives, rad lady. Lots of love to you.

Jessica said...

Tori! I'm not sure I am worthy of such kind words- I know I have fallen short in many areas of my life, but I'll high fives you any day and send love to you too! :) However, I should probably let you know that I am actually made of marshmallows, but the general public isn't aware of that yet...