Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Doves Review Movies

When I was 14, my mom confessed to me that she thought Prince was sexy.

Not this prince,

not this one,

not even this one

THIS Prince.

Well after several glimpses on late night television and (indiscriminate noise) years later, I have made the command decision to watch Purple Rain. The whole. Thing. As far as I can tell, it either has something to do with global warming or is a sexy musical vehicle for actor Rainn Wilson is a semi autobiographical film about Prince. I am sure it will be silly melodramatic fun (my favorite kind of fun, I tell you what)- so much so that I am debating doing another running commentary, kind of like my Let's All Go To The Lobby post.

I don't know though. I can't tell if I would get as worked up over Purple Rain as I was over that mumbley, raging inducing boinkfest, 9 1/2 Weeks.

So I watched a clip from the movie, where some girl wears hideous purple lipgloss favored by porn actresses of 90's, Prince humps a speaker and Steve Harvey looks super pissed.

Oh my. Hurry up, netflix!

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