Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning, or How I Plan To Slowly Drive Myself Insane

First things first.
I love the mess out of this. And then some.

On to business.

I am in the process of making a series of life changes (gasp!) and right now I am preparing to move into a new place. As a result I am forced to take inventory of all the junk, oh beloved junk, I have accumulated over the past two years that I have resided in the Blackstone.
Perhaps it is because my apartment is the size of an acorn, but dammit- I have a mountain of possessions. Nothing of value, monetarily speaking; things that have been calling "Hey Jess, throw me away. We had a good run, but you and I both know we'll be happier apart". I don't think I have acquired "hoarder" status, but it is probably time for me to throw out those roses from last year that are still sitting on top of my fridge, or perhaps I can find it in my heart to pass on my answering machine- an honest to god answering machine!- that I had while I was in Chicago, or maybe, just maybe, I part with at least one of my baskets filled with dried up finger paints from when I was keeping a daily art journal. This is before I've even dared to look in my closet.
It's Spring Cleaning, friends. And it is going to take over my life. At least for the weekend... or until I hit the old photo albums, at which everything will come to a halt while I torture myself with pictures from days of yore, or days of "holy shit, what was I thinking?". I pray I have the strength to keep going and not just shove everything under the bed and into boxes unorganized, while I storm out of the apartment and head to Davenport's Pizza. (Fat chance of the last part of that coming true, unless they are giving out free pizza to girls)

You know your bf from The IT Crowd directed a movie,right? You know, this guy? <----That's a link, kids. Anyway, here's the trailer. My friend from across the pond says it is great. I believe her.

Game on!

Truth is, I need more space in my life for change and for new and wonderful things. I know that I am not the only person who feels like they are a doughy mound of stress cramped into a tiny corner, right?
It will be nice to have room to grow.

Ah, I almost forgot- since we're making room for new things, I cleared out some music that I have exhausted over the past few months and put it into a mix. I padded it with a few recent discoveries and welcome you to my Spring Hand Me Down, of sorts, as long as you understand that I will still be wearing these songs long after you've downloaded them. In case you don't remember how this works, you click on this link here:
Look out, I'm a link and I'm totally safe y'all.
Then when you see a page called sendspace, you will scroll down to the bottom and click on the orange button that says download. I promise it is music and not spam. If I wanted to hurt you, I'd do it in person, silly!
Happy Spring!

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