Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the starving artist

Starving for a little respect, artist buddies? Are you feeling like you're being pigeonholed into a group classified by some as lazy, self absorbed and totally disposable? Yeah, me too. It doesn't help when people are trying to cut out the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities because they are "frivolous".
It truly is a shame when people have no clue how much of their life, their choices, their work, their faith, etc etc etc has been influenced by the art they have been exposed to in their lives.

Most artists, despite their devil may care attitude, desperately need to be accepted and loved by everyone. For true. That doesn't mean that they are trying to mooch off of society; in fact, they want to make worthwhile contributions. There is a great scene from Dead Poet's Society (one of the best in the "inspirational teachers" movie genre) that keeps me going, whenever I start to feel ashamed of my dreams and my chosen profession simply because no one can understand it's worth.

Today I received one of my favorite things to see in my inbox- my freewill horoscope. Man,  I love that thing. Horoscopes are funny things,yes? Even people who don't believe in a higher being will follow their horoscope, simply because it is always a pleasant coincidence when it is relevant to your life. Mine this week was pretty good.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Nobel Prizes are awarded to geniuses in a
variety of fields for work they've done to elevate science and culture. But
have you heard of Ig Nobel Prizes? The Annals of Improbable Research
hands them out to eccentrics whose work it deems useless but amusing.
For instance, one recipient was honored for investigating how impotency
drugs help hamsters recover quickly from jet lag. Another award went to
engineers who developed a remote-control helicopter to collect whale
snot. In 2000, physicist Andre Geim won an Ig Nobel Prize for using
magnetism to levitate a frog. Unlike all of his fellow honorees, however,
Geim later won a Nobel Prize for his research on a remarkable substance
called graphene ( I think you'll soon have a
resemblance to him, Cancerian. Some of your efforts will be odd and
others spectacular; some will be dismissed or derided and others will be
loved and lauded.

Friends, go forth and create. Paint, sing, invent, inspire, write jokes, write songs, make people laugh, make people cry, make people think and feel, fill the world with beauty and humor and understanding and courage; Do what you love and what you feel is worthwhile and of great use to others. Not everyone will get it or respect it, but the ones who do will love you for it.

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