Friday, February 18, 2011

Carry a Torch for So-Called Hipster music

Were you surprised that Arcade Fire won a Grammy last week? Or were you like me- unaware that they were even nominated, and had forgotten that the Grammy's even existed? I mean, I knew that they were still around, but I can't remember the last time I watched them, much less knew who was nominated or won.
There has been this crazy backlash- from crowds who disapprove of how "mainstream" they've become, from people who feel they weren't mainstream enough to win ("Who the hell is Arcade Fire?") - which has prompted a backlash against people who knew not only that they existed, but that they were awesome, mainstream or not. And those people got called hipsters.

For fuck's sake. I'm tired of people's go-to term to marginalize bands being "hipster".
I'm tired of explaining good music is good music- and not everything you aren't into is insincere and ironic.
Look, when it comes to my music- I will make no apologies. In fact, I will happily shove it down your throat until you croak out "Enough!".
One of the biggest joys in my life is music. I am part of the older tribe of individuals who still insist on making people mix tapes (cd's, etc) as a sign of affection or as a peace offering. I sometimes stop and wonder if this is something one should stop doing after the age of 19- then I think of a great song that so and so should really hear, because it makes me think of the time we were lost in the sketchy part of nowhere and decided to pee on the high school's baseball field instead of using the questionable bathrooms offered at the gas station because they appeared to be filled with hepatitis and I'm already pretty iffy about public bathrooms.

So. My new friend Jackie introduced me to an awesome site where I can upload larger files. That is why I have made a mix of music for you to enjoy, or to deem too mainstream or too hipster-ish, and uploaded it for you to download (link and directions at the bottom). While you are waiting for your mix, here are some music videos I think are super fine. Sincerely and un-ironically awesome.
ps- I had the brilliant idea to share a clip of Rob Gordon explaining the rules of making a great mix tape. However, I will apparently have to slip into another dimension to obtain this clip on the interweb, so I'll just go ahead and recommend you watch High Fidelity.  

This is beautiful beautiful cuckoo beautiful. I think, anyways.
Sanso-Xtro 'Hello Night Crow' from Fergal Brennan on Vimeo.

I recently spent a few days with teenagers, who all looked like they time traveled from the 90's. I desperately wanted to show them why they were trying to capture some of that angsty awesomeness of that period.

I have played the mess out of this video, and I can't quite put my finger on the reason why. Surely it isn't just because I am madly in love with Rihanna's hair in this?

Here are those nobodies, Arcade Fire, performing with another nobody, David Bowie.

And here they are with my boyfriend, Jon.

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So. Your mix. Step one- follow the link (it is not spam or virus loaded, I swear).
Hey, I'm a link!
Then, Step two- scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Step three- See the big Download button? Remember, the one at the bottom, not the top.
Step four- Click on it.
Step five- Have a soda, cigarette, ice cream sandwich while you are waiting  (don't forget to watch the videos).
Finally- Enjoy.       


JMSF said...

Wow, Clark, Wow. You knew just what I needed. I am listening to your new mix now. I have moved a couple times in the last few years and the only CDs I have are one my dad made me of songs that have the word Alabama in them which now doesn't work and a Christmas mix you made me which has the song Alfie and Reincarnation by Bacharach and Miller respectively, which I listen to way too much and imagine we are driving around together. Thank you for giving me this way to feel your presence with me even more.

JMSF said...

Oh, and Thank You Jackie too! I really appreciate your technical expertise. Thank You.

Jessica said...

Where are you? I love you and miss you so so so much.

Jessica said...

And! Now that I know you need music, I will put together a mix just for you, lady.

English said...

HOOZAH!!!! Get it, girl. Will be in the Ham in June. Wipe your agenda clean. Love. Jm