Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dear me. I have neglected my blog for so long, I feel I owe it an apology. My sweet blog, I have been ever so busy. Doing what, you might ask?

Why, singing and dancing and putting on my best British accent, dahhhhling.
I've also spent some time juggling finances, hiding out at Parkside and finally jumping on that Mad Men train (almost through season 2!).
 I also made a Christmas wish list. Number one is to have an infinitely better Christmas than the last year- and the year before that. I would like to be full of the Spirit (rum) and devoid of the drama (yuck) by the time the New Year rolls in. Plus I'd like some knitting supplies.

Of course, if anyone would like to come have musical theatre injected into their soul, visit Virginia Samford Theatre's website for info about my show opening this week.
Good tidings to you all. Everyone.


BLIND said...

I like your blog, good job.. really life blog :)

wanna visit back?

there is an informative posts and tips.. and actually story 'bout my life..

don't forget to comment on my cbox.

Fox said...

I'm hooked on them Mad Men too - sucks I have to wait for S.4 on DVD, but I hear it's worth the a Jonas brother. Congrats on the new show / sorry I have to miss it. The dressing room pics take me back, tho, so thanks for those! Oh wait...that sounds lurid.

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