Sunday, November 7, 2010

My shower's greatest hits

Once again, apologies are in order. This time- to my neighbors. My redneck, candy stealing, Bumpus hound owning neighbors. Yes, I am apologizing to YOU. You have been receiving daily free shows every time I stepped in the shower. And I'm sorry. To rectify the situation, I am posting these songs the way they should be sung, in case my clever re-imagining of them has left you less than enthralled. They really are swell songs. Really.

With love, From My Shower.


Frau Schmidt said...

Did you draw those notes on with bathtub crayons?

My neighbors are being treated to my creative song stylings over the dulcet tones of a newborn's screaming. You're welcome.

Khmer Tour 4 U said...

thanks for share