Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ever since I received a flier for Tipsy's in Trussville, a southern suburban scenester club (what a mouthful), I've felt challenged to come up with appropriate one line ads to help promote the business.

All I have so far is:

Want to be itchy for days? Come on down to Tipsy's!

Ever had illicit thoughts about your youth group leader? Come on down to Tipsy's!

Does your father not pay enough attention to you? Come on down to Tipsy's!

Are you a self important douchenozzle? Come on down to Tipsy's!

Do you have an anarchist tattoo but vote conservative? Come on down to Tipsy's!

I'm sure I can do better. I'll work on it.

So here's something to think about.

Piranha 3D vs Jaws
I know, it sounds a little ridiculous. I mean, Jaws all the way, right? But I still can't figure out if Piranha truly wants to be its own entity, or if it is just a goofy gorefest love letter to Jaws. Does anyone know the answer to the question? Its the presence of Richard Dreyfuss in both films that makes this confusing. Plus, I'm torn between not wanting to drop money on yet another silly 3d experience and my desire to see Doc Brown and bloody spring break Girls With Low Self Esteem

And to close, I washed my hands at work with a delightful Bath and Bodyworks soap called Twilight Woods. The experience was pleasant until I realized what they were trying to capitalize on. Oh. Oh. Ohhhh. Et tu, Bath and Bodyworks?

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Fox said...

"Tipsy's: We put the 'fun' in functional alcoholic"

"No shirt, no shoes, just alibis."

"Come find out why everybody's vomiting on their shoes at Tipsy's!"