Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Oh, its not that I don't have anything to write about- I've had several topics floating around in my head...

The overuse of the word "hipster"
My hatred of black boxes as set pieces
Political rant after political rant after political rant
The difficulty of moving
An essay on why I think my cat might be starring in a new comedy central show
Thoughts on kick ass women vs phony tarts
A long winded theory as to why I have watched Funny Lady six times in the past month
A list of places I want to go and then complaints over money (its quite a list)

And so on and so forth. I don't have much of an excuse, other than coming home in a post work funk that leaves me either wanting a nap or a drink. In an attempt to not be asleep or drunk, I've tried to spend most of my time out of the apartment.
As a self important 21st century gal, I feel as though I'm not doing my job here. If I'm not blogging, however will people know how totally deep/smart/funny I am?  

Maybe I can woo you with music videos. (They've kept my work addled brain from turning to mush)

From the Top of the World from My Brightest Diamond on Vimeo.

The Do - Playground Hustle (kidam version) from THE DO on Vimeo.


Fox said...

Okay, now I like you again.

Also, I wish the "Cut Your Hair" video was a scene from a larger film, a lâ A Hard Day's Night.

Jessica said...

Praise Jebus! How could I go on without being "Fox Approved"??

Fox said...

You're only being a smart-alec because I didn't comment on your poetry.

Jessica said...

I think its nice of you to keep your comments about my poetry to yourself.